Brad Pitt admitted why he wore a skirt on the carpet.

Brad Pitt always manages to delight the public. Fans ooh and ahh every time he appears on the red carpet in a chic tuxedo. Pitt previously preferred Brioni or Giorgio Armani. But now Brad Pitt’s style has changed dramatically . And the actor’s last few appearances demonstrate this perfectly. Bright, fresh images with interesting details that exude relaxation and comfort – somehow this is how you can describe the transformation in the style of a star. I suggest you take a closer look.

How Brad Pitt’s style has changed

Brad Pitt’s experiments with style became especially noticeable during the press tour of the new film with the actor’s participation, Faster than a Bullet. Brad swapped his brand new tuxedos for more casual outfits . And after this, there was even more attention to the actor. Especially when he walked the red carpet in a skirt . But more on that later.

A few days ago, Pitt attended the premiere of a new film in Los Angeles. The 58-year-old actor chose a very noticeable look. Just look how Brad stood out from the rest. He paired a grass-colored linen suit with a turquoise polo. He completed the look with bright yellow Adidas x Gucci Samba sneakers. Very fresh!

The green suit continues Pitt’s festival of colorful outfits in recent years. In Paris last month, Brad tried on a relaxed peach-melon suit, which also caught the attention of the public. But later in Berlin he created a sensation .

Pitt’s appearance in Berlin in a skirt

In the German capital, at the premiere of Faster than a Bullet, Brad Pitt broke his own records of extravagance . To this day, talk about his outfit does not subside on the Internet. Moreover, not all commentators were delighted. Some compared the actor to a homeless person or an old maid who put on anything. However, many appreciated the star’s bold look, consisting of a brown linen skirt, the same jacket, a pink shirt and rough boots.

When the press asked what the actor was guided by when choosing this outfit, Pitt first hinted at the hot weather . Of course, a man does not feel as hot in a skirt as in trousers. He later added that he didn’t see anything strange in his outfit: “I think I looked very stylish and casual. Just a skirt, nothing special!”

The actor believes that everyone can wear the clothes they like . And one cannot but agree with this. Brad noted that we are all not eternal, so in life you need to do what you want. And this also applies to clothes.

How fans rate Pitt’s new style

True fans of Brad Pitt love the actor in any clothes : be it a tuxedo, a casual suit, a skirt or even a cocktail dress, as in his long-ago photo shoot for Rolling Stone. It seems that Brad suits absolutely everything, no matter what he wears. “Well done! Not boring”, “Who is his stylist? Bravo to him. Pitt is simply wonderful”, “It seems that Brad has found his style. And he looks great”, “A real star without complexes”, “Everything suits him. In his case, it is not the clothes that adorn Brad, but Brad decorates them with his charisma. That’s why he looks exquisite in any clothes,” “Everything suits a scoundrel ,” Brad’s fans write on the Internet.

Also, some note that in this way, perhaps, Brad is trying to keep up with his fading youth. Others argue that after his divorce from Jolie, he seemed to have gained freedom and now expresses himself as he wishes. Be that as it may, the main thing is that Brad himself likes the new style. And it seems that this is indeed the case. After all, now he looks more cheerful than in boring tuxedos.

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