As the cheating rumors seem to not be going to stop, Steve finally gives his detailed and emotional reply.

Social media started a rumor that Steve Harvey’s wife cheated on him and wanted a divorce, but the couple denied this.

Weeks after the story began, Steve gave a detailed and emotional defense of Marjorie Harvey.

In late August 2023, rumors started circulating, saying Steve Harvey, 66, and his wife Marjorie Harvey’s marriage is on the rocks due to some infidelity. A Twitter or X user named @Keemstar seemed to be the originator of the rumors as they revealed that the “Family Feud” host’s wife was the one who stepped out of their marriage.

She is accused of cheating on her famous husband with their bodyguard and personal chef. However, the same social media user also shared a clip of Steve at some event years ago where he addressed the audience.

In the video, Marjorie’s husband was seen speaking on stage while his wife sat in the audience with the rest of the crowd, watching him. The star spoke to the public, pointing at his wife, declaring that she was his, and he owned her and vice versa.


The comedian vowed to “kill” anyone in the room over his significant other because of how much he loved her while she and the audience laughed. He even challenged anyone to ask God about him before using some swear words to nail his point!

Some Twitter posts even claimed Marjorie wanted $200 million in their divorce settlement. However, sixteen years into their marriage, both parties deny the claims and say nothing is wrong in their flourishing union. Days after the rumors started going viral, Steve addressed them during Atlanta’s Invest Fest. A TikTok user shared a clip of the comedian at another event where he said:

“I’m fine, my marriage’s fine.”


The celebrity continued saying he didn’t know what people were doing but that they had to find something else to do “because we fine.” His wife addressed the rumors on her Instagram page by sharing a Bible verse and a link on how to deal with being lied about.

The star’s wife noted how she and Steve usually didn’t entertain “all the foolishness and lies” that went around about them. However, she knew that the one who receives a lot, “much” is expected from them too.

She understood that her platform came with some responsibility to those who might not be as strong as her and Steve. Marjorie urged them to read the Bible quote with their loved ones who might not know proper coping mechanisms.

The celebrity passionately revealed that they started speaking on New Year’s Eve…

The loving couple successfully blended their families, with both coming into the marriage with children. Steve also recently tackled the cheating rumors in more detail.

What Did Steve Say about the Infidelity Rumors?
On September 11, 2023, Steve thoroughly dispelled the rumors of trouble in paradise despite Marjorie warning him that “haters” will muddy anything he said. During a “The Steve Harvey Morning Show” radio episode, he noted how people were doing it anyway and lying about his “girl.”

The television personality explained how people were trying to mess with Marjorie’s character, and he didn’t like it before confessing that he’d “married a good woman.” He described her as the best thing that ever happened to him: God-fearing, loyal, faithful, kind, and loving.

Steve also urged people to stop saying his wife destroyed his previous marriage to Mary Shackelford because she was nowhere near at the time. The star revealed that he and Shackelford’s divorce went through in 2005 before “Kings of Comedy” was released.

The celebrity passionately revealed that they started speaking on New Year’s Eve, and they started dating in 2006 when he had nothing and later that year proposed. Things started picking up in his life after she came into it.

They married in 2007, with Steve coming into the marriage with his son, Broderick, and twin daughters, Karli and Brandi, from his first marriage to Marcia Harvey. He also came with another son, Wynton, from his marriage to Shackelford.

Marjorie has three children, Morgan, Jason, and Lori, from her previous marriage. When she and the television personality tied the knot, Steve legally adopted her children, making the combined number of their children seven.