After three previous marriages, “Charlie’s Angels” star Jaclyn Smith found her true love and tied the knot at 51!

Jaclyn Smith, best known for “Charlie’s Angels,” was married three times before finally finding the love of her life with Dr. Brad Allen. They went through the ups and downs of life together, including her battle with cancer that made her “panic.”

In 1976, ABC aired one of the most iconic shows of all time, “Charlie’s Angels,” and introduced Jaclyn Smith. The actress rose to fame quickly, and her role came with many accolades, including a Golden Globe nomination.

The actress went on to star in several movies and shows afterward, but she wanted a family. She also wanted to be married and in love before having children. However, her quest to find Prince Charming was not easy.

Jaclyn Smith marries Dennis Cole (1949-2009) on October 29, 1978 in New York. | Source: Getty Images

She was married three times before finding Mr. Right, but her romantic history led her to the best love of her life. Before her rise to stardom on the ABC hit series, she married actor Roger Davis. Their married spanned from 1968 to 1975.

Smith met her second husband the same year “Charlie’s Angels” premiered when Dennis Cole made a guest appearance on the show. They got married in 1978 and separated in 1981. However, the actress was determined to find love.

In 1981, she married Tony Richmond, a prominent filmmaker, and it seemed that she had finally found the right person to start her family. They had two children together: Gaston in 1982 and Spencer Margaret in 1985.

Being a mother became her main focus. It was a million times more important than being an actress or having any kind of career for Jaclyn. In 2017, the actress told People:

“The love that you have for your children, it’s like, ‘Oh my God. But this is even bigger — there are no words.”

Unfortunately, her relationship with their father didn’t last long, as they decided to separate in 1989. However, don’t feel too bad for her because it turns out that the fourth time is the charm, as she found the fantastic Dr. Brad Allen and married him in 1997 after a meeting that could’ve been in a movie.

The cardiothoracic surgeon operated and saved her father, and Smith’s mother urged him to speak to Jaclyn once the surgery was done. He later escorted her to the hospital parking garage so she wouldn’t be alone.

They fell in love because she was “a purity of heart” in Allen, as the actress told Closer Weekly in 2014. Now, the couple is celebrating 25 years together, and their love hasn’t faded one bit, proving that everyone can find the right person. You have to try as many times as possible.

Brad Allen, the Best Stepfather, and Support Through Cancer
Smith’s role as a mother is the most important one of her life; she is also a grandmother now. However, finding the right man meant marrying someone who could be there for her children, even if he wasn’t their biological father.

 Beverly Hills,Ca Jacqueline Smith Leaving The Rear Exit Of The Methodist Church Where She Just Got Married To Dr. Brent Allen. | Source: Getty Images

Brad Allen was perfect. He became the children’s stepfather, loving Gaston and Spencer as his own. However, something scary would test their love for each in 2002, and it could’ve been the end of their relationship.

The actress cares about her health and has regular appointments with doctors every year. Therefore, she went for a routine checkup in 2002, and a doctor told her they needed to perform a biopsy on some of her breast tissue.

That happens often. A biopsy doesn’t always mean trouble, and Smith was sure nothing would come of it. A few days later, she had a bunch of errands to run before a big trip to New York with Spencer, so she never expected the results.

When she entered the doctor’s office, the actress recalled being asked if she “was alone.” Smith said that, in hindsight, that should’ve been the first indication that something was wrong. Afterward, the physician finally revealed her diagnosis.

The actress had cancer in her left breast. Fortunately, it was small, and they had found it early enough because she took annual mammograms. However, having cancer can still be terrifying, and Jaclyn was “panicked.” She was also in a daze, not listening or registering what the doctor was telling her. That’s how big of a shock the news was. Smith recalled:

“The word ‘cancer’ is what stood out. That’s a word I didn’t even like to say. It was very surreal. I couldn’t get a grip on it. I think my first words were, “Will I be here for my children?’”

All the actress could think of was the trip to New York with her daughter, who was planning to study dance with Alvin Ailey. She was still in high school at the time. Her brother is four years older, but Smith was worried about them.

Luckily, the physician revealed that her prognosis was entirely favorable, and they could take a conservative approach to the treatment. However, that’s not what Jaclyn wanted. She asked him for a mastectomy almost immediately.

“I said right then, ‘Just take my breast off. I don’t want to deal with it.’ I just wanted to get it over with.”

The actress later admitted that she was in her “right mind” back then. She was guided only by fear, which was too hard to control. Smith met with a surgeon that same day. After calming down, Smith went to her car and called her loved ones.

Both Allen and the actress’s mother refused to believe the news of her cancer right away. However, they quickly joined her in Los Angeles after realizing it was severe. The worst part of Jaclyn was how little she knew about breast cancer.

She was afraid of the dark and in such a panic that she couldn’t sleep that night. She was alone at the time and cried every day at breakfast during the first few days after the news. “I went to a dark place. But then I read and educated myself,” Smith explained.

Fortunately, the actress was not alone. Aside from having her loved ones as support, she also found guidance in her friends, including co-star Kate Jackson from her “Charlie’s Angels” days. The actress had dealt with breast cancer as well.

Once she was better informed about the condition, all the pieces seemed to fall into place. The physician told her the disease had not spread to her lymph nodes, making the treatment even more straightforward. She wouldn’t have to get chemotherapy, which was a massive concern at the time.

She had already given up on the mastectomy plan. Instead, Smith underwent a lumpectomy and got eight weeks of radiation after thinking about her options thoroughly. Furthermore, the actress was still actively working, as she had a Kmart clothing line and a home goods brand.

Actress Jaclyn Smith with her children, Gaston and Spencer Margaret at the premiere of Columbia Pictures' Film "Charlie's Angels 2: Full Throttle" at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre on June 18, 2003 in Hollywood, California. The Film will be released nationwide June 27, 2003. | Source: Getty Images

She also appeared in the 2003 “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle” movie with Draw Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, and Lucy Liu. Additionally, Jaclyn had a regular role in Craig T. Nelson’s “The District” at the time. However, it wasn’t easy, according to the actress:

“I’d gone off hormones, so I did have some hot flashes. But I had so much love surrounding me, and work really made me feel good about myself too.”

Smith recalled how “amazing” it was to go from being massively afraid to researching and understanding the situation better. Eventually, she found the courage to fight for her health. She believes in facing your fears, a philosophy she has often shared with her children.

Her husband, children, friends, and the rest of her family were there for her the entire time, which made everything easier to handle. As a doctor, Brad Allen was her pillar and never left her side through the radiation. Their love for each other could’ve dwindled, but it only strengthened.

Most importantly, Jaclyn hopes everyone gets annual checkups because the best way to treat cancer is by discovering it early. She explained that her mammogram a year earlier was perfect, and there were no bumps. Only a year can make a huge difference in your health.

The actress has been cancer-free for over two decades, but she maintains regular appointments with her doctors and doesn’t take anything for granted. She has a low-fat diet, exercises often, and never eats French fries, which she used to love.

Once her cancer was gone, Jaclyn Smith and Brad Allen continued their lives surrounded by more love than most people have. They’re celebrating 25 years of marriage and counting. There’s no exact secret to how their relationship works. But the actress told Closer Weekly:

“We have similar values and upbringing. Spiritually, we think the same, and he has been an incredible stepfather and loves my kids like his own.”

When asked if love gets better as you age, Smith said it does because you feel safer every day, something everyone craves. People want to have a real partner in life, someone who has their back. She and Allen have done that for each other time and time again.

The “Charlie’s Angels” star recently revealed her workout routine with her husband. They were celebrating the holidays but staying active for their health. They push each other to keep up their fitness routines while having much fun.

Jaclyn posted videos on her Instagram account where they can be seen doing exercises like squats and working on their core strength. They also flaunted their love with small kisses in between sit-ups.

The couple also travels together often. They went to Europe in 2017 and created even more beautiful memories that keep the spark of their love alive.

Aside from working out with her husband, the actress manages several businesses in skincare, clothing, and more. She even has a line of wigs, so she’s always busy traveling and promoting her products.

However, her family comes first, especially now that she has become a grandmother. Both Gaston and Spencer are now parents, and Jaclyn couldn’t be happier to dote on her grandchildren. Allen has also embraced the role of granddad to Bea Kranz and Olivia Rose Richmond. The kids call him “Pop-Pop.”

As someone who always placed her role as a mother over anything else, being a grandmother has added a new layer of love to her life. However, it’s hard to explain, according to the actress.

“It’s the best thing in my life. I would steal them if I could. It’s hard to explain with grandchildren. It’s like you need an extra chamber in your heart.”

Aside from having yearly mammograms, the actress was asked what tips she would give others to keep their health in top shape after 60. One of the first things she mentioned is sleep. Resting correctly is vital to maintaining your beauty and well-being.

Furthermore, she said having a good skincare routine that doesn’t dictate your life is also essential. Many products nowadays are meant to keep you beautiful, but some regiments can be too strict and tiring.

Additionally, she doesn’t drink or smoke. The latter is terrible because it speeds up your aging. Smith suggested treating your body kindly, taking in the world, reading a book, and soaking in a relaxing bath.